Kathy is – HANDS DOWN – the most professional realtor I’ve ever worked with, both for my own real estate transactions AND in my previous career as a realtor.

Prior to meeting Kathy, Mike and I had a nightmarish (but comical) experience with another Denver realtor who wanted to exclusively represent us without doing any work for us for MONTHS. Needless to say, we weren’t eager to employ the help of another realtor, but were so SO fortunate to meet Kathy as purchasers of a home she had listed. We were unrepresented for our first transaction with her, which I know is typically the dread of a listing agent, but instead of complicating matters, Kathy did quite the opposite. She made our experience an absolute pleasure: straightforward and fair.

Immediately following the closing of our new home, we asked Kathy to list our condo, and again – she got right to work, opening doors instead of creating obstacles. The condo sold with multiple competing offers on the day of listing, which certainly reflects the type of market we were in, but also speaks to Kathy’s overall approach, as we were told by the nightmare/jokester realtor mentioned earlier that we wouldn’t see much of a gain on our investment “due to foreclosures in the area…no good comps…blah blah…”. We most definitely saw a big return on our investment, and best of all, it was FAST, EASY, and ENJOYABLE.

Fast forward another 9 months, and we were being relocated! We again sought out Kathy’s expertise, and in 8 hours of showings we had 8+ offers, several of which were well over list price and ready to close in 2-3 weeks. Again, the market was in our favor as sellers, but along with great offers often come flaky buyers, lackadaisical buyers’ agents, etc., against which we were shielded – I believe – because of how hard Kathy worked. She not only crafted the listing with perfection (including meticulously scheduling the MLS publishing date, showing availability date, offer(s) review date, etc.), but also managed the showing & negotiation period with professionalism and care; and finally, worked to resolve impending issues as thoroughly and efficiently as possible so that we could close on time.

Kathy was THERE, 100%, every step of the way. Never once did we feel like she’d prioritized someone else’s agenda over our needs, or that she had “collected her commission” & moved on. In fact, she checked in on us after a lengthy lease-back period, long after her work was done, and probably would have helped us in any way we might have needed. I think we owe Kathy every extra dime we could possibly give her for the time and consideration she put into each of our transactions. I hope our friends and family in Denver will look to her for their real estate needs! ~ Celia