The chances of you finding the right Denver metro neighborhood for your lifestyle are high! Whether you enjoy outdoor activities, a bustling urban community or a serene getaway, our metro area has numerous options. So as you begin pinpointing some potential neighborhoods, for you and your family, the following tactics will help you make confident choices:

1) List Your Needs and Wants

What are your priorities for this move? It could be finding a particular style or size of a home. Maybe you value the location more. Identify the kinds of amenities, settings and relationships with neighbors that’ll boost your daily life. By establishing this list, you’ll know what details are non-negotiable and what you’re willing to compromise. In our highly competitive market, your list will be a crucial for making prompt decisions about available homes!


2) Check Out School Ratings

Homes in good school districts hold onto their value better as they remain highly desirable locations to parents (and future parents). A 2013 nationwide study by Redfin revealed Americans pay $50 more per square foot for homes near top-ranking schools. While the Fair Housing Act prevents your agent from providing information about specific schools, you can research sites like which rate schools and local school systems.


3) Experience the Commute

How you’ll get to work, school and etc. is a major factor that plays into the best Denver metro neighborhood for you. So test drive the commute (during the day and time you’d take the route). If driving maybe too much of a hassle, consider your options for public transportation. After all RTD’s Light Rail is expanding throughout the Denver metro area (which is boosting the property values near those rail stations).


4) Investigate the Communities

Before selecting a neighborhood, get into an investigator mindset to get a feel for living there.  Visit the neighborhood at various times (both weekdays and weekends), notice the standard at which homes are maintained and neighbors’ general activity (kids playing in parks, neighborhood markets and etc.). Strike up a conversation with residents at a local coffee shop or retail store about living in the community.

It takes some effort to find the right neighborhood, so if you have additional needs (recommendations, qualifying for a home loan and etc.), we’re here to help!

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